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Are you headed for the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia? Or perhaps you are on a family trip, savoring the varied attractions of the state of Missouri, and need to make a stop at Sedalia? Whatever is your reason, if you are looking for Sedalia motels, come, stay with us at Sunset Motel.


All of us have certain expectations of what constitutes a comfortable stay at a motel. However, when the realities do not match our needs, we often leave with an unpleasant experience.

At Sunset Motel, we always keep your expectations in mind and paying attention to this has given us a reputation for being one of the best Sedalia motels. Here are some of the amenities we provide.

  • Rooms that are clean, fresh, cozy and well-maintained
  • Refrigerator and microwave facilities to help you store and heat food
  • Free wireless internet
  • Well-maintained and secure parking lot

Why Choose Us Over Other Sedalia Hotels?

With the wide choice of Sedalia hotels available, you may be wondering what is so special about Sunset Motel. Here are a few reasons why most people looking for a hotel in Sedalia MO decide to stay with us.

Location – We are conveniently located just off highway 65 and very near to highway 50, and this makes Sunset Motel easily accessible to all travelers coming to Sedalia.

Superior Quality of Service – We believe in making our guests feel welcome and completely at-home. We guarantee you a pleasant stay with memories that stay with you long after you finish your trip to Sedalia. Our staffs are courteous and well-trained in providing a professional level of service and this makes us one of the most-sought after hotels in Sedalia MO.

Reasonable Price – Most important of all, our services come at a price to suit your budget and when you choose to stay with us, you are assured of quality service at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Experience Sedalia with Sunset Motel

Sedalia has been hosting the famous Missouri State Fair since 1899 and come August every year, close to 400,000 visitors head to Sedalia to catch all the excitement. With daily exhibitions, concerts and competitions featuring animals, food and juice stands, entertainment options and homemade crafts on display, the Missouri State Fair provides people a great platform to interact and connect.

Located just 1.6 miles from the Missouri State Fair and very close to the local restaurants and shopping centers, Sunset Motel offers you several advantages over other hotels in Sedalia MO.

If you are looking for Sedalia motels that offer a cost-effective, comfortable stay with the best of amenities at your service, look no further than Sunset Motel.

Get in touch with us today to book your rooms before they are all taken!